About Ludlow Falls Camp Serving God by Serving Others

Our History

Since 1899, Camp Meetings have been held on the grounds of Ludlow Falls Camp. This was at the height of camp revival meetings that swept across our country. At this time the Ludlow Falls property was privately owned, but rented by the Missionary Church. The one tent being used as a tabernacle could not accommodate the large crowds, so four different services were held at the same time at four different locations on the grounds.

In 1920, the camp was officially purchased by the Missionary Church from Mrs. Eliza Smith for a grand total of $5,500. The following year the main tabernacle was constructed.

Since this time God has continued to bless Ludlow Falls Camp. Many buildings, dormitories, and cottages have been built; many camps, retreats, and reunions have been held and most importantly, many decisions have been made to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Our Purpose

Ludlow Falls Camp seeks to assist Christian ministries in their effort to see people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, grow in their relationship with Him and learn to serve as He did, by providing and maintaining a safe and clean Christian camp environment to groups within the Missionary Church as well as other churches and Christian organizations.

Our Location

Situated just fifteen minutes northwest of Dayton, Ohio, Ludlow Falls Camp is located on State Route 48, just one-half mile north of State Route 55 in Ludlow Falls, Ohio.

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