Ludlow Falls Camp
Rates & Policies

Rates for 2021

Ludlow Falls Camp has always been seen as an exceptionally good value, offering groups a memorable experience at an affordable cost.

1.  A fee of $10 per person per day (minimum of 50 people) is charged for general use of campgrounds which includes the Tabernacle, Dining Hall, Children's Center, A-Frame, Picnic Shelters, Ball Field, and Restrooms. 

2.  An additional fee for overnight accommodations:
  • Dorms (188 beds) are $2 per night per camper.
  • Cottages are $20 per night or $25 per night if cottage has a shower (families and adult staff only).
  • Lodge accommodations range from $15-$25 per night.
  • RV Sites are $15 per day which includes water and electric hook up.

3.  There is an additional cost per day for renting the following:
  • Ministry Center...$50
  • Activities Pond...$300 (3-hours)

Camp Policies

Rental Groups
► Ludlow Falls Camp is owned and operated by the Missionary Church East Central Region, Inc., with its main office located at 1509 W. Main St., in Troy, Ohio, and as such is responsible for the promotion of the work and objectives of the parent organization within the boundaries established for it by the National Conference.
► Ludlow Falls Camp exists to assist Christian ministries in their efforts to see people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, grow in their relationship with Him, and learn to serve as He did.
► The core beliefs of Ludlow Falls Camp will correspond to those set down in the Constitution of the Missionary Church Inc. and the Policy Manual of the Missionary Church East Central Region, Inc.
► With this purpose in mind, Ludlow Falls Camp is made available for rent to churches and religious organizations, as well as non profit service organizations and public and private school systems.  Weddings and family reunions will be limited to families of Ludlow Falls Camp cottage owners and financial partners of Ludlow Falls Camp.
► Upon entering the campgrounds, groups must check in with the Camp Manager.  A basic daily schedule of events should be given to the Camp Manager at the beginning of each camp’s stay.  Every camp must have a clearly established and enforced curfew.

Insurance & Liability
► Renter agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Ludlow Falls Camp (including Owner’s agents, employees, and representatives) from any and all liability for injury or damage including, but not limited to, bodily injury, personal injury, exposure to infectious/communicable disease, bodily injury, emotional injury, or property damage which may result from any person using the above described premises, for User’s purposes, regardless of whether such injury or damage results from the negligence of the Owner (including Owner’s agents, employees and representatives) or otherwise. 
► Each rental group is required to provide their own adequate insurance for campers or must notify Ludlow Falls Camp ahead of time to confirm coverage.
► Ludlow Falls Camp does not assume responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen items.
► Rental groups are responsible for screening their own personnel for past criminal and/or child abuse history.

► The following is prohibited on the grounds at any time: illegal drugs, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, firearms, rude and obscene language, pets, and fireworks of any kind.  For youth camps, prescription drugs are not to be kept in the dorms, but must be turned in to an on-duty nurse, who will administer them as directed.
► Ludlow Falls Camp reserves the right to exclude or remove any objectionable person(s) from the grounds without liability.

Care for the Grounds
► Rental groups shall be responsible for the reasonable care and upkeep of all camp facilities while on the grounds.  The rental group assumes responsibility for any damages(s) caused by equipment, materials, or campers to camp property.  Any damage must be reported immediately to the Camp Manager.  Cottages will be inspected after use.
► Rental groups shall be responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of restrooms, dorms and other buildings as used.  Groups must cooperate with the Camp Manager in the collection and emptying of trash barrels.  We ask that littering on the grounds be discouraged.  Help us keep Ludlow Falls Camp looking its best for the next rental group.
► Each rental group is responsible for clean up at the end of their stay.  A specific list of duties is available through the Camp Manager.  There is a $5 charge for lost keys to cottages or lodge rooms.
► No furniture or equipment in any dorm room or cottage is to be moved to any other room or building without the Camp Manager’s knowledge and consent.

► All rental group charges incurred at Ludlow Falls Camp must be settled and paid before leaving the grounds on the last day of the group’s stay.
► To reserve a rental group’s dates for the following year, a contract must be signed and a deposit paid before leaving the grounds on the last day of the group’s stay.

► If a rental group cancels its stay at Ludlow Falls Camp, such decision would be considered a breach of its obligation and any deposit paid will be considered forfeit. 

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